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Poker News: Draymond Green on Poker After Black, Bardah Survivor Loss

Poker News: Draymond Green on Poker After Black, Bardah Survivor Loss

This week’s poker news starts us down with a poker professional who is good at surviving the poker tables but not reality shows. Poker pro Ronnie Bardah was already booted from Survivor an additional effort that is disappointing poker advantages regarding the show.

Poker Pro Bardah Kicked Out On Very First Survivor Episode

Poker Ronnie that is professional Bardah known for his instincts and capacity to read their opponents. However, those skills evidently didn’t convert in their first stint on a reality tv series Survivor. Bardah was booted off the show in the very first episode associated with latest period if the tribe made their decision.

According to Bardah, he knew what was coming before it even occurred after picking up informs from his opponents which he was at trouble. Apparently, Bardah didn’t select those clues up quickly sufficient to accomplish such a thing about it or to change their minds before they casted their deciding votes. The 36-year-old World Series of Poker bracelet champion as well as the record holder for the absolute most consecutive cashes within the WSOP primary event was kicked out of their tribe on a 7-2 vote.

Bardah was the poker that is fourth to appear on the show over the years. He followed in the footsteps of Jean-Robert Ballande, Garrett Adelstein, and Anna Khait. Adelstein and Khait in particular both suffered exits that are early the show as well.

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